Gurgling as expected, yet briefly before the maelstrom ensues, ‘Chants Of The Deep Ones’ instantly evokes themes Lovecraftian, shrieking keys and tempestuously cataclysmic rhythms, at once regal and rabid, unspeech slithering amid the cacophonic whirlwind of dementia. ‘Tales Of The Old Dreamer’ moves, swirls, hanging chords and patterns in the atmosphere, weaving robes of starlight and supernova, of black holes and blubbering, ranting acolytes. Already, we are in a world not of our making, or formed by human hands or minds.

Roiling, reckless, ravenous, ‘Neptune’s Eye’ opens, drawing us deeper into the chaos brought into corporeal form in 1890 Rhode Island, and into the same returning nearly a century and a half later in the guise of BLUT AUS NORD. Brown Jenkin chitter-jitters in, clacking ‘round the skirts of dreaded ‘Keziah Mason’ in that skewed attic room in storied Arkham, and we feel the fear, see the book placed before our clouded eyes, ‘neath our trembling hands, until…until…we see our names inscribed therein.

I, for my own part am thankful that BLUT AUS NORD bided its time, waited until the start were right in its discography to release Disharmonium – Undreamable Abysses. Where will it go from here? Will it continue the theme, as with the Memoria Vestusta and 777 cycles, or will this album simply lie in wait, dead but dreaming? Who knows? As it stands, we have something both cosmic and arcane in what’s before us.
Review By: Lord Randall

Disharmonium – Undreamable Abysses
Debemur Morti Productions
4 / 6